‫تعليقات الزوار

  • SMP
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 20:42

    الله يرحم الوالدين أنا ناوي نرحل ان شاء الله بعد الحصول على دبلوم DEUG في الفيزياء المرجو مزيدا من التوضيحات وشكرا

  • naaim
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 21:40

    I wish you more and more success
    it's a good idea
    you are in the right way
    good luck

  • rachid
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 21:48

    مشكور على مجهودك…لكن هدا لا يعبر عن واقع الجالية العربية هنا عموما .

  • MohammedUSA
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 22:33

    First thank you brother for the effort you put in making this video…..Education is important in every country….But I think in the USA education is not enough….To live the American dream is to be a good character…It does not matter what you do……either you are a dish washer or a senator…..What makes me feel sad is that there are some Moroccans here who succeeded in their studies and now are boasting of how much they make and post it on hespress..it is a shame to be an educated person in the USA and still showing off.To sum up,through my life here I have seen great images of American doctors,lawyers,rich people in the parks serving food for the homeless..I have seen ordinary people driving around giving away clothes to the needy ….do our educated and rich people do that.?..may be very few if there are any….and as Mrs Obama said…It does not matter how much you make but what matters is the change you make in human lives

  • Aziz
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 22:38

    Respect 🙂 thankyou guys for your efforts 🙂

  • Mghribi Casawi
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 22:40

    If the Moroccan flag is not hung at Boston University..believe me it is in so many other universities in the States including where I live!! One more thing, you seemed surprised when Justin said that students can choose their schedules!! Of course students choose whatever days/times they wish based the availability of classes for that semester obviously.

  • Mstafa
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 22:58

    أولا :TOEFL لربح الوقت و المال. يمكنك بعد ذلك الاتصال ب : WES (world education service) للحصول عن معادلة لكل دبلوم لديك في المغرب بالإضافة لمعادلة بخصوص أي مادة درستها في المغرب (course by course evaluation). WES معترف به في معظم الجامعات الامريكية. كثير من المغاربة رغم حصولهم عن ديبلومات عالية في المغرب يفضلون التوجه ال community colleges لأسباب مادية أو لنقص المعلومة . Not the best way. للإشارة : الانجليزية ليست مشكلة بالمرة والدليل انك ستجد ان انجليزيزيتك ستكون أحسن من بعض اساتذتك . حظ سعيد

  • Abdelhak
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 23:30

    I put a lot of efforts to my previous post but got deleted, no clue why
    Good job

  • hamza
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 00:11

    bonsoir tous le monde ,je suis un etudiant marocain j 'ai poursuis mes etudes en faculté des science samlalia(FSSM)en UCAM ,j'ai obtenu mon DEUG(Diplome d'etudes unéversitaire général) en physique ,j'aimrais bien de poursuivre mes etude supérieur en france ou USA ,est ce que vous pouvait m 'aider(Visa,la boursse …..) merciii bq d'avance

  • hamza
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 00:50

    bonsoir tous le monde ,je suis un etudiant marocain j 'ai poursuis mes etudes en faculté des science samlalia(FSSM)en UCAM ,j'ai obtenu mon DEUG(Diplome d'etudes unéversitaire général) en physique ,j'aimrais bien de poursuivre mes etude supérieur en france ou USA ,est ce que vous pouvait m 'aider(Visa,la boursse …..) merciii bq d'avance

  • Salma
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 01:05

    Hey everybody as u know i got so surprized when he said they get to choose their schedules.They are so lucky

  • pepenillo10
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 06:20

    man since you start this what ever swaggablanca it looks to me like your showing off please get a degree and get a life sorry i dont hate you but i hate what you do cause its not going to get any better just making some fool guys back home crazy

  • mark
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 07:26

    seriously i agree with the moroccan casawi its dosent matter what u have or who u are but the change you bring to other people lives we cant see that in morrocan living here in the states whe n they have a degree its the same spirit that u have in morocco its matter for them to have the statut not the value of pretty shallow thinking and its expose what sycoligic problems we have thats if someone get a degree its mean he is the best and wanna show it no matter what second thing its the moroccan who have those degrees dont give u any advice nothing even the succefull ones here dont wanna be reconize like a moroccans they change them names often well what i think seriously before coming here we hate where we are coming from and so much because they were no options but no matter what in the end we have to go back to that home wich is morocco denied it its like u are struggling against your own self we love our country and thats where we belong

  • Maryland
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 10:41

    For the last question you only get help with financial aid if u r legal here mean u have a green card and u don't make enough money, but if u r an international student and u good at something like sports or u soo smart then they help you with the scholarship and the good thing about it is that you don't have to pay it back . Allah ywafa9 ljami3 and Dima Maghreb hamdolah

  • elhoucein
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 12:51

    thank you abdellah and your friend justin for this very instructive video which clarified some of the concepts about studying abroad in the usa. and i am looking forward to seeing more of your videos in the near future. mau god bless both of you

  • simoha59
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 16:07

    thank you brother verry mutch for what you do i realy wish you the best

  • sneakybastard
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 16:14

    very good school but very expensive as well, i just wanna ask you if there is a possibility that an international student can find a part time job legaly, because as far as i know international students are not allowed to work out of campus unless they have a work permit. thank's in advance, appreciate what you're doing ^^

  • aminca usa
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 16:37

    thanks brother for this vedeo

  • New York
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 17:01

    I live here and I guess isn't the easy stuff u think guys

  • Important question
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 18:19

    Important question:is your friend Justin single! if so let me know

  • simo
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 20:15

    Salamo3alaykom…First i would like to say that there s waaaay more to know about studying here in the US than whats shown in this video by brother Abdellah,who we really appreciate anyway,coz at least he s doing his best,and even if you learn one thing from someone we should be grateful to him….However,the comment that has what you guys should know is n 7 by Mstafa,this guy knows whats up! if you wanna go to college(university),you should first get a toefl (at least 80/120 ibt)and a GRE or Gmat for those going for Graduate school (master or Phd)…you also need to have a decent GPA( which is la moyenne generale dialkom) for that you need to evaluate your credentials (transcripts) you can do it at WES or ECE…the first is better….For Hamza comment 10,you better get your bachelors first(maitrise ou licence),then if you get a good toefl and GRE test,you could easily get a scholarship or teaching assistanship…and i can expplain more for those who are interested….

  • Karim Virginia univesity
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 20:42

    Salam , alors pour les étudiants qui veulent venir du Maroc avec visa d études il faut savoir que ils vont payer le maximum en moyenne c est environ des 20000 dollars par ans sans compter le loyer ou le transport ou la boufe. La majorité des étudiants étrangers aux sa dont de pas tâches comme la saudie Qatar , UAE .
    Je suis prof universitaire ici de français est il n y a pas de marocains ici à Richmond pour la bonne dm pile .
    . .

    raison ilts Way too expensive

  • Wisconsonite
    الأحد 29 شتنبر 2013 - 21:18

    بخصوص الدراسة في أمريكا، ما تحتاجه هو شهادة تاوفل إذا احتجت الدراسة في ألسنة 1,2,3,4 من الجامعة. الجامعة الأمريكية لا تعطي منه لطلاب غير أمريكييين أو ليس عندهم بطاقة خضراء. هناك رغم دلك منه لتبادل الثقافي والمشهورة في المغرب يمكن اجادها في الرابط الثالي. أما بالنسبة للسلك العالي، فيجب الحصول على توفل وأحياناً شهادة جي ار إي أو جي مات على حسب التخصص. دوي السلك العالي يمكنهم الحصول على منه بشرط القيام بعمل للجامعة مثل العمل كمعيد أو أستاذ مساعد. في هذه الحالة تحصل على أجر شهري ودراسة بالمجان. يمكن أيضاً أن تجربوا الرابط أسفله للحصول على منحة http://www.macece.org/grants/grants-for-moroccans/

  • Salah eddine
    الإثنين 30 شتنبر 2013 - 03:16

    salam 3alikom,I live in NY state since 2010, since I came here and I'm just working in restaurant ! I really wanna start studying but I don't know which program to choose ! i really need help with that. I have a bachelor degree in French Studies I've already did the evaluation for my degree with WES and they told me that my bachelor from Morocco is equivalent to a bachelor here in US.I was thinking about options the first one is continue in french and do a French teacher program, the second option is study what I like which is computer science. I feel the time is running so fast and I didn't start anything yet in this country ! if anyone has a good advice I will be more than thankful !
    Thank You !

  • Mstafa
    الإثنين 30 شتنبر 2013 - 17:22

    That's the way to go. You have an equivalency of a US Bachelor degree. With this you already opened your way to go straight for a master's degree or PHD. If you have to start new in computer science , it's really a long way to go . In my opinion, saving time and continuing in French is not a bad idea at all. You won't need a TOEFL if you have a green card and been in the country for a year. Depending on which school you want to go to, GRE or Gmat which is a real pain to prepare for might be necessary. You can avoid that by .choosing a school that doesn't require it and there are a lot of them, cheaper too.
    Working in a restaurant is not a bad idea for now, but once you start , combining studies and long hours of work is not easy. There are always jobs in campus, that you can benefit from. If you are to pursue your PHD, most of the time Teaching Assistantship is the best option, as your tuition fees will be paid for by the department and you get a stipend that's decent.

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