‫تعليقات الزوار

  • عبد القهار
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 15:51

    ا ولا تحية لكل المغاربة النافعين لبلدهم المغرب ارجو منهم مؤازرة الحكومة لمحاربة جميع انواع الفساد وبناء مغرب عادل نافع والله المستعان

  • Brahim casawi
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 15:58

    The uk is very tolerent towards the muslim women and we moroccan are very integrated in the british society except as always a small minority of muslim extremist,but nevertheless we are here happier then the moroccan in france belgium and spain.there is a few moroccan who hold a high post in the city of london,local government etc and the uk is far civilize than france ifyou understand what i mean if you speak the international language………

  • Widadi
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 16:33

    Learn the language of the future if we want to move forward

  • المسفيوي
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 16:42

    مشكور علا المجهوداة التي تقومين بها وكان الله في عون المرءة المهاجر

  • Marroquino
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 16:57

    السيدة سعاد الطالسي قدمت خدمات جليلة للنساء المغربيات والعربيات في لندن، وما زالت تضحي من أجل المرأة المغربية، فهي ما شاء الله تقوم بعملها وفي جمعية الحسنية بجدية وإتقان وتفاني كذلك.
    شكرا لك ياسعاد وشكرا لكم هسبريس.

  • Aziz,The Observer
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 18:47

    What a lot of sh…t.Yes the English are very tolerant toward others only after 7/7 then they started to be suspecious but not racist against muslims as some of muslim women wear a veil or nikab and look like Ninja for them.Yes some Moroccans are well integrated but the vast majority are not and most of them live around Harrow Rd,Ladbrove Grove within their own community,in addition to that if you are not from the North of Morocco (Tangiers,Larache…)they would not like you.The Moroccan's women that I know ,are either married to Iraquis or Syrian shiite or pakistanis,stop telling us porkies that is the reality we like it or not.as I dont want to talk about Moroccan men who live their wives and children to travel to Morocco to marry much younger one,Aziz.

  • yahya
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 19:02

    well said ,sister and thanks very much for all your effort that you had put in order the Moroccan women stand up in the british society without loosing their origins

  • ahmed
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 19:51

    salam alaykom
    I leave in uk and i work as an engineer and I know this woman when I was student 17 years ago and thank to her help I managed to get my resident in the country ,and I am proud of Moroccan woman like her down to earth allah yebarek feek a okhet soad wa salam

  • Sam B.
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 19:52

    A Great Activist, keep up the good work!

  • Bettaoui from Morocco
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 22:16

    Yes Mr Brahim we speak and understand the international language more clearly though it's not ours and far from us. Anyways, as imigrants living in a land which is not yours, you always remain an "Other" in the eyes of British people. Never ever say you live equal though things apear to be well-democratic, but in the sense of culture and identity things get much more troubled. England looks to the world that is a multicultural society in which cultural difference is praised, the reality, however, is something else. The imigrants are are always viewed as "aliens". This is stemed from the old colonial discourse that fixed the oriental "other" as a slave who is born to serve the "superior" western "Self ". This is a discriminatory discourse that still exists up to now though and though. For more information about such a dialectical relationship between the orienatl, Arab, Muslim and the western people please read Edward Said and post colonial writiing back discourse

  • benaissa
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 22:19

    سلام بغيت نبلاغ تحييتي الاحرا لي هاديهي الامرأتو الافضيل وعلى الرغم و يعيش في المملكة المتّحدة ءيي كلما ءجنبييا مزلقات ليه مين ليسانيه الله إيبراك ليك في ليسناك أختي الاكاريم

  • casawi
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 22:44

    what i'm gona say about ms sauad naji.she has said too much just ,woman ,woman why don,t you be quite .as far as i know she has done nothing to anybody exept her brother and her X husband naji who is the head of popular bank agency in star street london for the last 28 years.she has got rid of him i mean her husband years ago and she is working as citizen advise bureau agent in an office in ladbroke grove area where most of moroccan comunity live especialy tanger laarayash gharbawa. and she is devorsed for over 10 years. she is not a role model and she not qualified{en droit}as she was said.sauad please don,t talk too much.?for the no 2 sorry you don,t know anything about England or lodon

  • لندني
    الخميس 26 شتنبر 2013 - 23:33

    لم أسمع اسم الجمعية. إذا كان تعمل لحساب جمعية الحسنية أنا آسف أن أقول هذه جمعية غير مجدية. هم جيدون في تشجيع النساء على الطلاق من أزواجهن. أي شيء آخر، فهي عديمة الفائدة.

    أنها تأخذ المال من المجلس المحلي ومن وزارة الخارجية المغربية ومجموعات أخرى مختلفة. كل شيء عن المال! money and just money

  • Mohammed el harrak
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 00:26

    Bashing someone's personality isn't the way to do things Mr Casawi. Souad's record speaks for her. Only Moroccan in the history of British Empire to receive to be decorated by Queen Elizabeth and be awarded an MBE. Swallow sour grapes if you will.

  • Yahya
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 00:44

    To casawi ,if you have a constructive argument , say without bring people!'s private life into it , , hasn't Britain taught any manners yet ?

  • Ben- Kilburn NW2
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 00:50

    England used to be the best trampoline to North America (English language, sterling pound, restaurant jobs easy to find, etc …)In sum, beeb there, lived there , studied there, left for way better (Canada.

  • casawi
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 02:02

    thank you very much no 13. i did NOT want to mention it but you have got it wright

  • casawi
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 03:42

    to mohammed el harak no 14.just to let you know an MBE YOU CAN HAVE IT TOO IF YOU YOU WANT.a petition must be signed by over 250 peple{not legalise} and given to local MP that,s it:A scottish road sweeper called mr john cott got an MBE as i said he used to sweep roads in west london:W5/W13 and hanwell where i used to live in the 90s.i,m saying nothing of what you thinking:{ by the way an English man very well known in British society i don,t remember his name in around 2004/5/6.honestly the truth he has declined the MBE .I remember what he said in BBC 9 O,CLOCK news at the time{I DON,T NEED THAT MBE IT WAS GIVEN TO A ROAD SWEEPER}i swear to God that what he has said

  • casawi
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 04:47

    NW8 To yahya no 7.if you come to church street market where i met mr 3imad ntifi few months ago.you gona be shocked what you gona see.more than 15 of them they fight each other daylight.they smok{plain public}that,s not problem{freedom} i mean what you call these ladies troublemaker.whenever someone asks you in the area where do you from.i feel sorry you can,t say morocco because the area already filthy by those dirty women they are not a lot just between 15 AND 20 and the area is really filthy because of them

  • Parfouche
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 09:07

    I really can't get !! Some of the above commenters pretend living for more than 17 years in the UK and they cannot write a correct comment in English!! How weired…and they talk abt integrity….shame

  • Casawi
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 09:41

    When in rome you do what the roman do and nobody forced you to come and live in a christian country.live by the law of the country and earn your living with dignity or if it is too much back to your lovelty country morocco.hope you got the wessage those it may concern……Arsenal

  • khadija
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 13:14

    مقيمة بلندن واتكلم عن تجربة للعديد من الاكاديميين والخبراء المغاربة الذين اعتقدوا وانتوا بضرورة العمل الجمعوي بالمهجر. العمل الجمعوي ببريطانيا اصابته حمى التنافسية المرضية وضرب الاسافين لبعضهم البعض. .. للاسف الجمعية لاتعيد الا تكرار الزبونية والمحسوبية والانتهازية التي تركناها وراءئا في المغرب…وعندما تزورهم لتقديم خدماتك بمكتبهم…تصاب بالاحباط….واش اعباد الله نقول للمسؤولة راني خبيرة في التنمية وعدت لتوي من مهمة للامم المتحدة..تحاورك في الممر قرب المرحاض وتقول ليك اجي نهار الجمعة تتعرفي على العيالات راه كنديروا كسكسو…واش انا واخدة ساعة من الخدمة باش نزورهم وتجي تقول لي ديري ايديك في القصعة. ماكاين مشكل في الطعام ولكم عيب وعار تستعملوا المواطن في حلب بريطانيا من المساعدات وخاصة لانها من الضرائب اللي كندفعوها من عرق جبيننا….

  • Mohammed el harrak
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 14:18

    My dear Mr Casawi and No 13, first I suggest you learn how to write English as urz is atrocious and so is Mr Aziz. The centre is well known and the only one of its kind. It won a national award in the UK as best charity of the year 2010. Check the guardian newspaper, which is a very well read and respected newspaper. Otherwise look them up. So easy to destroy but to build, it takes hard work and commitment, clearly something none of you seem to have except the insolence to to sit in your small rooms and attack people. Shame you live in a civilised society but obviously learnt NOTHING.28 years and still going, is a testimony to its great commitment to the community. What have done and accomplished as men? As for the person, you have nothing to approach Mrs Naji on. She has always worked with dignity and served everyone who came her way.

  • achraf
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 16:13

    this women talk about islam and moslem women and not wearing Hijab which means she lost her identity as a moslem women,

  • ahmed
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 20:17

    salam brother
    to reply to ur comment ,first I don't need English grammar to do my work and as u know engineering is math and physics and a good thinking to get the job done.(keep the grammar for u bro I ll have the money). sobhana allah strangers pay us complements for our good work and our own people put us down
    many thanks
    and by the way I hope my comment is well understood!!!……..

  • casawi
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 20:27

    to mr mohammed harak i live with my wife and 4 kids in a 3 bedrooms semi detach house in a posh area mortgage done years ago.and you mr harrak what benefit are you on sir you talking charity.listen man chatity for volunteers over 65 to do their spare time.for you it is not the right job or just LAZY bugger.nass nass in lbaraka cafe.you should do better if you are man enough.you talking about sauad her time is gone divorced not much left for her.to persuade vulnerable to earn living that you call it charity.grow up mr harrak and seek advice properly NOT from your friend naji Sauad {dead end tunnel}

  • casawi
    الجمعة 27 شتنبر 2013 - 23:40

    thank you very much HESPRESS.keep up the good work thank you once more{thank you mr ahmed no 25.

  • Maghribi
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 00:41

    This guy called casawi 26 I dont know what you gain from this you critics to wards Souad verey personal if you want to chalage her do some think better also the lafy doesn't deserve all this barbarek attack she give a lot peaple like you give negatvity and criticism grow up do we care if finish you mortgage or not

  • weld alhaj
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 03:30

    كفانا من النقد الهدام والتفرقة ولنضع اليد في اليد لكي نكون بمثابة سفراء لبلدنا

  • Mohamed el harrak
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 11:26

    Choke an weld al has. It seems to me that the conversation has departed from Moroccan women in the Uk to personal insults on mortgages etc… We don't seem to focus and either be positive or at least offer constructive criticism. Too bad! One more thing, lalla kneading, if you purport to be an academic and an intellect, should NOT you have written to the Centre chair and aired your views? Instead of waiting for an opportunity to bash so done you hardly know. Shame on , perhaps you ought to understand better why the Centre holds "couscous day" it is for the isolated, old and the vulnerable. To give them a opportunity to be with those who they know and understand. I'm sure if you were to care and check with both the charity commission and the inland revenue, these people are . and much more… they are decent, passionate and committed and get on with work, you and I are not capable of doing and that is looking after those who need us in society. They are also Tax payers

  • weld alhaj
    السبت 28 شتنبر 2013 - 12:10

    الاخت سعاد استطاعت ان تظم بجمعية الحسنية عدد لا يستهان من النساء المغربيات!
    فيترى كم من جمعية مغربية رجالية ببريطانيا حققت ولو نصف عدد اعضائها
    ادا كان العمل الجمعوي قد افسد ببريطانيا فالرجال هم من افسدوه

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