‫تعليقات الزوار

  • Haa1332
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 01:00

    thnxx man !it was really awesome video for bad shit drivers which means that we have somebody cares about us i mean morocco !
    thnxx again for this video guy !
    please driver work as he said it'll be great and it will be No accedents No victims and No death !
    if u ar a driver slow down when u drive ur scrape and dnt get this in a bad way but i just advise u !

  • Melmed
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 01:09

    والله إنه هراء وضحك على الناس ،توجه رسالة ونصائح إلى المغاربة باللغة الإنجليزية أين هي اللغة العربية أو الأمازيغية أو حتى الدارجة ،ألا تدري أن اللغة الإنجليزية عقيمة جدا جدا إذا ما قارنتها باللغة العربية في التركيب اللغوي أو النحوي …………
    اعتز بلغتك وخاطب كل قوم بلغته

  • mogi
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 01:56

    you right but that's not enough for moroccan drivers.
    twenty people dead every day that's war. everyone are responsible for what's happen.

  • The American Amazigh
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 03:15

    Great English, son.
    Approved by your fellow, Moroccan_American from NYC.
    Do something with your life, with that stuff.

    and the Moroccan DMV sucks

  • احمد الفشتالي
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 05:30

    Tartan tragedy: Thanks for your efforts,but try to re-read and rehearse your text before presenting it listeners. I notice it is full of mistakes.

  • Ahmed
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 05:34

    let me first share with you my concern and sadness regarding this latest accident. we ask Allah, the gracious, the merciful to grant all the victims paradise and to bestow patience and mercy upon their families.
    it would have been better, my brother, if you have spoken the Moroccan dialect so that everyone understands. there is nothing wrong with speaking different languages, but we need to use them in the right context or for the right audience. i felt shame the other day when i saw our foreign minister speaking french in the white house as if Morocco is still a french colony. please note that i'm not against any language, but i believe that one should give a value to his own language especially when it comes to representing the kingdom overseas.

  • jilali
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 07:32

    Salam Alaikoum..
    What makes you post a video in English ? how many people speaks English in this site ?what is your native language ? I can tell you have an accent? you start of in good night yes Government is 1000% liable and responsible for this trajic event…at last not the least who hired you ???

  • khalid
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 08:52

    و علله هاذ الشواافر يفهمو هاذ لميساج بالانجليزية لانه هضرنا معهم بعربية فرنسية ووالو مباوش يفهمووو

  • Mjid
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 09:28

    Just bref comment , thank u for this video it s helpful but it will much better if u had introduced yourself. Thank u again

  • Anderson
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 09:47

    Thanks for the video and its content , however and unfortunately , I read couple things and one of which is bitter . If I analysed ur talk in terms of psychology ur last word with the wide smile tells me that u were more concerned with ur English accent and fluency than the serious of topic . it`s great to speak English but I do not recommend anybody to speak languages other than arabic notably in such matters . It concerns us moroccans not united nations

  • ismail
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 10:57

    just world bias, this means that people blame visctims ink that peole deserve what they do, either bad or good they get rewarded by the same thing. In other words, we th

  • Yassin
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 12:24

    good job bro keep it up I am following all your videos your english is good and you present interessting topic! ENSAH en force!

  • oussama
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 12:33

    nice advise and i hope that will hope little bit because driving in morocco is crazy this times and thank you for these effort by the way we re sorry about what happened in tantan being far from the country let us suffer from bad facts

  • سعيد مغربي قح
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 13:11

    بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

    لمّن تعاود زابورك يا داوود..

    أوليدي الله يهديك سير "لبريتيش كونسل" و گول هاد شّي..

    هذه حادثة و قعت في المغرب و ليس في "لندن" حيث القانون الصارم و الانضباط لقانون السير.
    كان عليك يا ابني على الأقل أن تفتخر بلغتك وهويتك و تشارك الهموم مع أبناء جلدتك؛ و اللهم ارحم موتانا.

    ?… Do you understand what I'm saying

  • amine boumazzough
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 13:20

    السلام عليكم، اجد الكثير من يعاتبني على استعمالي للغة اجنبية، و عن عدم فصاحتي فيها. هذا صحيح لأنني لازلت في طور تعلمها و لازلت اقوم بكثير من الاخطاء. ثانيا لست فصيحا في اللغة العربية ايضا لأنني أستعملها نادرا، ثالثا هذه الرسالة أوجهها للعالم، باللغة التي يفهمها اكبر عدد من الناس، رسالة لكل انسان. اشكر هسبرس لنشرها للفيديو الذي يمكنه ان يفيد المغاربة، لكنه ليس موجها للمغاربة فقط، انه موجه للجميع! حفظكم الله!

  • shahid visvis
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 14:09

    All what you have mentioned is great brother ! Go On please and hopefully these responsibles ( between brackets ofcourse) gonna hear and listen to this video ! especially the drivers who keep speeding all the time ! for the the critics , dont care Man ! they are just jealous of ur good english and wee ned some videos that are in english so that all the people will understand . Peace

  • hafida elkatbani
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 14:32

    La tragédie de TAN-TAN,on doit en parler dans toutes les langues ,même dans le langage des signes,c'est tellement touchant,tellement saisissant,tellement pathétique .Le monde entier ,doit partager le chagrin et ensuite de tout le peuple marocain.d'abord des familles des victimes

  • achalhiy
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 18:38

    السلام عليكم ;
    الجزء الاول: ما ياد اذنا الاستاد امين:
    Hello Everyone! Hope your all doing okay.i want to express my deepest sympathy ,condolences with the families of the victims of tantan tragedy (affected by
    this horrible tragedy of tantan) .Twenty-four people have been dead and six others badly injured ,this a disaster like all disaster of its kind
    remind us(of) how our life easily can be taken when be reckless. i have really no idea how this accident had happened……..

  • majid
    الأحد 12 أبريل 2015 - 23:30

    You.re a good man thanks for ur supportof the victims . how nice u are!

  • Hafid
    الإثنين 13 أبريل 2015 - 00:09

    Thx for thuis video enfor your expline al this we need to tell the world wath happen en Marokko bcz no one understand arabic of Franse mybe is beter to leren englsh then other so you Well tell the world the trus thx agine we hoop more

  • Hicham4islam
    الإثنين 13 أبريل 2015 - 00:56

    Salaam, u're right and u did great Job well doing

  • Abdo
    الإثنين 13 أبريل 2015 - 01:08

    Wow that's sounds wonderful message bro , and i hope if used some words Amazigh in your video … in berief your video is pretty thank you and i hope you doing well in next videos 🙂
    again thank you and thanks Hespress !!

  • Joe Black
    الإثنين 13 أبريل 2015 - 14:34

    If you want to practice your speaking, please choose a different topic. As someone commented earlier, you seem to be concerned about your fluency more than the tragedy itself. Our deputies don't speak their native language, let alone English. So who are you addressing?
    Thank you Hespress

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